Cracow School of Polish


We offer 10% discount for ISIC and EURO 26 cardholders.


All courses will either be individual or by group.

The maximum number of students in the group is six (6).

Group Courses: intensive, trimestral, technical and summer class consist of 60 class sessions respectively and cost 800 PLN.

Group Course: survival Polish consists of 15 or 30 class sessions and costs 300 PLN or 500 PLN.

Individual lessons: 1 class session costs 60 PLN.

Individual lessons: 20h/40h/60h-cost: 1100PLN/2100PLN/3000PLN.

1 class session = 45 min.

Individual lessons for children: one class session costs 50 PLN. Payment: 50% before the course and 50% in the middle of the course.